This is a unique site that caters to a very specific group of people. While many of these types of sites end up failing, has done a good job at keeping its members in check and staying true to its form. The sites main use is for wealthy, successful men and beautiful, young women looking to be spoiled. If you fall into one of these two categories, this site could be for you. While it does a good job of keeping its theme going, there are several things that one must consider before joining. Many users have found some serious negatives in the site, but there are a few positives as well.


Website’s User Friendliness


The website for is not as professional looking as some of the other dating sites, but it is still quite easy to use. It is, however, hard to find out any useful information on the site unless you sign-up. It seems that the entire site is a sales pitch until you decide to join as a free member. If you are already contemplating signing-up, it will be in your best interest to make a free account to find out more information. if you are unsure as to whether you want to join the site, it will be hard for you to find anything without becoming a free member. Instead of being spammed by multiple pictures of “singles in your area”, you are simply spammed by pictures of attractive models. It is still quite annoying, but at least it is different. All in all, the website is quite average.

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Here are the prices for a subscription to


  • $21.99 for 1 month
  • $19 a month for 2 months
  • $17 a month for 3 months
  • $15 a month for 6 months
  • $11 a month for 12 months

For a site that is supposedly appealing to wealthy men, it is surprising to see that it has such low prices. It could be because they are trying to account for the sugarbabies, but in any case, it is certainly affordable in comparison to other dating websites. The site also boasts that the payments do not automatically renew, so you are able to cancel at anytime. This is very appealing to many people. As far as price goes, it is very affordable and reasonable. also has a free account that you can use to look around the site. You can fill out your profile, add photos, search for other members, and even respond to emails. You cannot initiate conversations, but you can respond to messages which is more than most sites will let you do. This means that it is a very good idea to set up a free account if you are considering joining. It is a great way to see how the site runs and if it is truly worth signing-up for.

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User Reviews

User reviews for are typically very negative, but there are a few positive reviews out there that stand up for the site. The negative reviewers make a good point and typically hate the entire site. The positive reviewers are people who have successfully had a couple of dates because of the site. It is always best to hear from people who have experienced the site themselves before you join, so be sure to read both negative and positive reviews before making your final decision.


Negative Reviews

 Many users claim that the site is useless, that it has many rude members, users typically lie about themselves, and that it can be dangerous if you are not careful. A site with a genre like this, mixed with the fact that it is affordable, is bound to draw in a rather large number of mean spirited members. Former members claim that they were constantly harassed on the site and that they will abused verbally quite often. It is typically women who found this treatment, but a large number of men also reported that the women were very rude and hurtful on many occasions. In addition to that, there seems to be a large number of scam artists on the site. Many male users claim that the women they began talking to would consistently ask for money or do everything in their power to cheat them out of a few dollars. In a site like this, it should be no surprise that a large group of members lie about themselves. Numerous men have reported that upon meeting the women, they did not look anything like their photos and numerous women have reported that the men the visited were not actually wealthy.


Positive Reviews

 The positive reviews of the site claim that it works perfectly and that they found exactly what they were looking for. They claim that as long as you are patient and smart about who you converse with, that you will easily be able to find someone that interests you. Sugardaddies claim that they found very attractive sugarbabies, while many sugarbabies claim that they are now happily being spoiled by a rich sugardaddy. These members claim that there are some rude members, but they are quite easy to avoid and it is easy to block anyone that you find to be mean spirited. The websites search features were very helpful and many of the users were quite social. Apparently, getting a date on is very easy and fun to do according to these members.


This site has a very specific focus and it apparently holds true to it. If this seems to be the perfect dating site for you, signing up for a free account is an excellent option. While there are a great number of active users and finding a date is supposed to be relatively easy, users must be cautious. There could be a large number of scam artists and hostile individuals on You should always be careful with who you choose to meet and never send your money to any other user. It could be the perfect site for you, but join at your own risk.