Jdates.com, however, is more specific and dedicated to helping you find a serious partner. This site claims to be a great meeting place for Jewish singles and it seems that it is just that. While it is not perfect, it has the basic tools to help you find a date and, hopefully, your future spouse. As with all dating sites, there are some things users must watch out for, but all in all, it seems that Jdates.com has impressed the Jewish singles community.


Website’s User Friendliness

The site’s appearance is very similar to all of the other dating sites out there. There is nothing special about it, but that can be seen as either a positive or a negative. It all depends on how you look at it. While there isn’t anything new, it is still set-up quite well and it is easy to navigate. Aside from the annoying photos of singles that are supposedly near you, the website is crisp. You can find most of the information that you are looking for and there are many helpful links and pages. As long as you aren’t a serious website critic, there should be nothing to complain about. There is, however, one issue that is common among all dating sites: the price is hidden. If you are new to online dating, this can be an annoyance, but if this isn’t your first dating website, it is really nothing new.

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Here are the prices for a subscription to Jdates.com:


  • $39.99 For One Month
  • $89.97 For Three Months
  • $119.94 For Six Months


Jdates.com’s prices are quite fair when you compare them to other dating sites, but they are certainly not the cheapest option available. Seeing as Jdates.com is one of the most successful Jewish dating sites on the internet, with very few competitors, it is surprising that they do not charge more. While not as expensive as some of the more popular dating websites, like eHarmony.com, the prices still aren’t cheap. If you are serious about finding a partner and you truly wish to find another Jewish single, then these prices should not be an issue. If you are still on the fence as to whether this site’s the right match for you, the one month subscription offer is priced quite well. The site has plenty of active members, so you can rest easy knowing that you are not subscribing to a dead site. All in all, these are very competitive prices.


As with all dating sites, there is a free version available. The free subscription is an excellent way to find out more about Jdates.com’s features and it will allow you to become familiar with the layout of the website. After viewing what the free subscription has to offer, you will be able to make your decision about subscribing much easier. With the free service you can create your profile, search through available members, and even send flirts. Flirts are a feature on Jdates.com that let you send a pre-written pick-up line to a member that you are interested in. Its a quick way to show someone that you would like to speak with them, but there is no actual conversation involved. The only way you can use the IM feature or the inbox is by becoming a paid member. For a free membership, it offers you enough features to decide if this site is really the one for you, so there is no reason to not try it out first.

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User Reviews

 With any dating site, it is easy to find negative reviews. It does not matter which site you search for, there are people that have horror stories about their experiences on a particular dating website. This is true for Jdates.com, but there are also a good amount of positive reviews as well. When you are going into a dating website, it is always best to be on your guard and to use your common sense. As long as you do this, you should not run into any of the disasters some of the other members have faced.


Negative Reviews

 The Negative reviews regarding this site mainly deal with fraud and inactive members. Ex-members of Jdates.com say that there are con artists on the site that will try to trick you and steal your money. This is a common issue among many dating websites. A member will begin speaking with you and seem very cordial, when after a certain amount of time an “accident” will happen and they are suddenly in need of $2,000. Many people have fallen for these scams, though if you simply use your common sense and tell yourself to decline anyone that asks for money, it should not be an issue. The second problem is with the amount of active members. While the site does have a large amount of active members, there is still a problem with too many inactive members being left on the site. In order to make their numbers larger, Jdates.com will keep inactive profiles in use for quite some time and will even keep deleted profiles.


Positive Reviews

 The Positive reviews for Jdates.com simply state that it is a great place for Jewish singles to connect with one another. These reviewers claim that either they have found someone special on the site or a close friend has. If you take your time and search through the online members, it seems that you will easily be able to find a date. While it is never easy to find “the one”, you certainly have the opportunity to do so with Jdates.com. The positive reviews claim the site works very well, that it is easy to find other members, and that you will typically encounter friendly people.


Finding true love is never easy. It is hard to find someone with the values that you cherish, but with the help of Jdates.com, it seems as if your chances of finding your spouse can be greatly improved. This site is perfect for Jewish singles and it brings people with similar beliefs into one meeting spot. When used correctly, you can certainly find a date on this site and hopefully something more. If you are Jewish and you wish to find true love, don’t hesitate to try out Jdates.com.

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