allow members to chat with one another about their love of the Catholic faith, but this feature has come under some intense scrutiny by some members who claim that it censors them. This site is mainly for true, dedicated Christians in Canada. If you wish to find a date, you must be devoted to the Catholic faith and you must also typically follow all of the Catholic rules.


Website’s User Friendliness certainly has that normal dating platform feel. They show you multiple pictures of singles and they will do everything that they can do to get you to sign-up. Overall, its look is very professional and is quite clean. It offers you easy access to their helpful blog and it gives you access to many member stories explaining their content with the site. As usual, you cannot find the prices for the subscription on the site without signing-up, but it seems that this is common and finding the prices on the internet is rather easy. Anyone wanting to sign-up should have no trouble learning about the site and navigating through its pages.

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christian dating site

Here are the prices for a subscription to

  • $24.95  for one month
  • $47.99 for three months
  • $79.99 for six months has some of the best prices on the internet when you compare them to other type of sites like these. There prices will surely not hurt your wallet and it means that you have even more of a reason to try it out. Sites like eHarmony and have outrageous prices that only seem even higher when you look a the low prices of This is a breath of fresh air when it comes to online dating website because their prices are typically so high that it is hard to convince yourself to join. Thankfully, allows you to try out their site without dealing a large blow to your bank account.


Their free account essentially allows you to create a profile and search for other members. You cannot communicate with anyone through email or any other chat method. This allows you to get the long profile process out of the way and you can still search for members so you know who is out their. A free account is a great way to get your feet wet and see what the site has to offer. Thankfully, gives you enough features with the account to actually give you a good taste of what the site is like. This is great for anyone contemplating joining.

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The User Reviews

 Reviews for seem to be leaning more toward the positive side, though there are quite a few negative reviews out there. It seems that is only for truly dedicated Catholics that practice every aspect of the religion. If you do not practice the religion in its entirety, then this site will be harder for you to use. This Catholic dating site is for serious Catholics who want someone to share their life with. It is a great idea and it has helped many people find their spouse.


The Negative Reviews

 The negative reviews seem to center around users who were not serious about the Catholic faith, do they did not find success on the site. When you create a profile, you must list your level of faith and if you follow the 7 tenets. If you list that you do not follow all 7 of the tenets, you will likely not find a date on this website. There also seems to be an issue with the popular forums that many people use. These forums allow you to discuss your love of the Catholic faith, but apparently, if you do not express the beliefs that the site views as acceptable, they will keep your money but ban you from the website. This has angered many members, but it is typically because they go on these forums and begin posting things that contradict the Catholic faith, which is not a smart thing to do on a website built for Catholics.


The Positive Reviews

 It seems that if you are a devoted Catholic that wants a serious relationship, this is the site for you. Many of the members praise its personality profile and faith assessment. It lets them know if the other person is as serious about their religion as they are. This leaves out a lot of the questions and it allows them to feel more comfortable with one another because they do not have to worry about their faith. The site apparently runs very smoothly and the forums are a great place to share your love of your faith with people who feel the same as you do. It is truly a sight for serious Catholic singles to meet one another.


Conclusion is a specific dating site for specific people. If you want someone who believes in the Catholic religion in the same manner as you do, then you will certainly feel at home on this site. With its good interface, affordable prices, and caring members, you are bound to find someone special that you can spend the rest of your life with.