Most people consider it difficult to bring up appropriate topics of conversation during their first date.  This is because they are afraid of those breaks during the discussion that might linger and eventually become lengthy periods of uneasy silence.  There is also the challenge of keeping the discourse going without you or her having to be too chatty or overly conversant.  Finally, you might like the conversation to be two-sided, meaning that it’s all not only about you; it should also be about her.  This article will provide you with effective pointers and topics that you can use to overcome these shortcomings.

One of those dating tips that you can use during your first date is to provide your date with a little insight about yourself and your life.  Don’t go so far, however, as to discuss those parts of your life that can be considered to be too personal or too ponderous, such as you coming from a broken family or you delving into the loss of a beloved family member or relative.  Maintain your discussion at an easy and carefree level; start with your hobbies or occupation, for example.

Another great dating advice is for you and your date to just talk about general stuff and not dwell too much about them.  Paint a routine picture of yourself, your background and your work.  Some women, unfortunately, may find these topics to be a little boring, so you can change tack and talk about other comparable subjects.  This is one of those things that make up a great first date.

Also, remember to let your date respond appropriately; never monopolize the conversation to yourself.  And don’t try to humiliate your date by cutting into her dialogue; this is a mark of rudeness that can instantly kill any chances of having a repeat date.  Hogging all the conversation to yourself could also mean that you are selfish and inconsiderate.

Still another effective dating advice that you can utilize in your first date is to keep eye contact with your partner.  Never let your attention stray from her; in doing this, you are telling your date that she is all that matters to you right now.

Try to establish a mutual bond between you and your date.  To do this, you need to agree on something that you both like such as a hobby or a sport.  Some women, however, may not share your enthusiasm, so it’s best if you give up discussing about it and continue on.  The point to remember here is that you need to create some sort of connection that will enable you to learn more about your date and vice versa.

One sure area that women would find interesting is music; indeed many first dates end on a positive note because of the inclusion of music in them.  Ask you date about her favorite band, for example, or her preference in music, and let her elaborate on her choice.  If you do share a common liking to a popular band or to a type of music, your first date would turn out to be better than you expected.  Through it, you can get to plan a follow-up date with her, say on a concert or a music festival.  Or you can talk about other pursuits such as your favorite television shows, book titles, hobbies, and movies; light topics that you both find interesting and worth talking about.  Do veer off from discussing more substantial fare such as the economic crisis that is presently affecting the country, the ongoing abortion debate, and other similar subjects.  These will make the date a moribund and lifeless affair that is surely not to be repeated.

Your first date need not be a boring one, so you should know everything there is to liven it up.  Consider these great dating tips so that you can be sure to have an outstanding first meeting – and hopefully follow it up with many more.