Have you ever been curious as to what type of people use dating sites in order to find a partner? You might think that any type of person would use a dating site, but that is not what research shows. Research done on dating sites; reveals that only people with certain psychological backgrounds use these sites as a form of dating. These results are not complete, but they do lend to interesting results.

Studies done on both men and women have shown that more outgoing people are more likely to use dating sites. This is contrary to what is commonly associated with online dating sites.  Most people consider internet daters to be socially awkward and shy, but studies do not support this theory. Internet dating is seen to be much more popular now than in years past. Using dating sites as an aid to find a love interest is not seen as weird or socially unaccepted. For outgoing people it is another way to find a prospective partner without having to change your daily schedule.

Even though sociable people are more likely to use dating sites, this does not mean all sociable people see online dating as a viable option.  Those that find romance to be important in their life tend to use online dating sites, but more business driven individuals do not. This makes sense based on what is important in your life. If finding a partner is important, you are more apt to exhaust all your available resources.

Research also showed that people with low self-worth were less likely to use dating sites even if they put value in finding a partner. This shows that individuals with poor self-images felt they were vulnerable when dating online and did not want to take the risk. However people with high self-esteem are comfortable enough with themselves to give online dating a try.

Studies show that some of our preconceived notions about dating site and the people who use them are not accurate. Having more knowledge available about dating services and the types of people who use them might further enhance their popularity. There are always exceptions, but the majority of people who use online dating sites are sociable and have a high sense of self. This knowledge should only inspire more people to consider online dating as an option when searching for a prospective partner.