Why look for a thousand men, when you need only one, the right one. Take your time read the profile carefully, read also between the lines if you have too. Don’t write to him or her just because you like the picture on the profile.


Understand the words,  are they meaningful to you? or are they just empty words “cliché” that you find in a thousand different profiles ? Are they word that tryuly reach your hear and soul ? If there are those words that sings a music to your ears also your heart he or she could be the one.


Listen carefully to those words, cherish them in your heart sleeps on them and if in the morning there is still the softness of those written words, than and only than, make a move, write an email and show also your true colors and maybe, only maybe, he or she will be the one, to cherish and take car of. Be loving, understanding patient and you will find her or him and she or he will stand by you, until your ultimate breath with a compassionate loving and caring smile in his or her eyes you will never forget that moment that you clicked on this site ” One love, one life” and one day, you will be telling your grand children how you met their grand mother.


Maybe by that time meeting on a website will be absolute but it will always be a great love story that will never sink like the titanic, or a sad ending like Rome & Juliet. Your love story will be unique: One love, one life.