Going From Virtual to Reality: Taking the First Step Towards a Great Relationship

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #e50707;”] Y [/dropcap]ou spend much of your Internet time at dating sites hoping to find that one-of-a-kind person.  You follow the latest dating advice and online dating tips while you engage in getting to know potential virtual dates.  Then you finally found someone whom you feel is the right match for you.  You proceed to communicate with one another, send pictures and messages that reveal more of yourselves to each other, and you begin to establish that virtual bond that brings you together.  It is virtual dating, yes, but it is still dating nonetheless.


Then you and your partner get to the point that you seem to have done all that is worth to be worth doing in online dating.  Dating online has had its perks, after all, and yet you both feel that it’s time to go beyond it.  In short, you are both ready to take the next step.  You now plan to meet up in person, the better for you to learn more about the other.  But how exactly can you make the jump from virtual to reality?  This article will provide you with four simple provisos that you can set up before you and your virtual sweetheart can finally meet together in person.first date

1)    Never delay, but don’t pre-empt, either.

Balance between testing the water first before finally wading in, and trying to wait until the water feels just right for a first swim.  It’s always a positive thing if you email your virtual paramour for a few times a week or so in order to gauge her willingness and sincerity in planning for a meet-up.  Wait for her to respond favorably to your suggestion; if she tries to hold back or is hesitant, however, that means that she is not ready for a real meeting yet, or that she has other plans for your relationship.  When the former happens, it’s best if you wait until she is finally ready to have a date with you.  If you see that she is just putting your date off unnecessarily, it would be best not to hope for too much and just move on.

2)    Exchange more pictures with her.

  You may have seen plenty of photos of your partner in her dating site account, but it would be better if she can send more to you, and vice versa.  This is because most of the pictures that you usually see in her account are those depicting her at her best, with her face caught at the right angles and with shots that only catch her better facial features and physical attributes.  By seeing more pictures of her, you can derive a better image of her, which in turn would prepare you when you finally encounter each other.  Initiate the exchange by sending photographs of yourself (preferably full-length ones) and then asking your partner in a gentle but succinct way.  If she accedes to your request, then put this up as another positive indication that she is indeed sincere in your virtual (and soon-to-be-real) relationship.

3)    Indicate potentially sensitive issues and discuss them right away.

This is one of those online dating tips that you always need to keep in mind.  If there are subjects within a relationship that can easily turn you off, such as your partner turning out to be a badgering sourpuss or an incurable drinker, discuss them with your online date right away.  It’s not a “better late than never” thing; it is a condition that can determine the future of your relationship beyond the virtual realm.  If, for example, your partner is a fan of online games, ask her if she is just a casual gamer or is she one of those inveterate fanatics who spend hours immersed in MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), in the process barely having time for everything else.  By learning about these things early, you can avoid encountering them again in the future if you decide on ending the online relationship then and there.

4)    Prepare yourself accordingly in anticipation of your big date.

After days or weeks of emails and phone calls that indicate your willingness to finally see each other in person, you should now prepare accordingly.  Choose a suitable location for your first date; for first-time meet-ups a coffee shop or a quiet bar should do nicely.  Relationship and dating experts recommend that you keep things abbreviated but memorable; in doing so you can gauge whether to end the date right away (if things turn out to be the opposite of what you were expecting) or whether to let it go on (if your partner met all of your expectations).  Do a little research of the little things that she likes and offer them to her as gifts.  By doing this, she will most certainly know that you regard her highly and that you are prepared to listen to her requests.


Meeting your paramour in an online dating website is easy, but finally getting to meet her in person can be another thing altogether.  Make sure that you go through the transition easily by studying these four conditions.


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