Figuring Out Who is Lying on Online Dating Sites

If you arе on an online dating site you might be concerned about people on the site lying to you about their age or providing different images. While the vast majority of people on these sites will tell the truth some of them will not. Here’s how you can spot the fake son the site and have a more pleasant experience.

Don’t Converse with People Without Images

It makes sense to avoid people who don’t have an image on these sites. With webcams, digital cameras and even cellphones it’s now easy to take a picture of yourself. While not everyone without an image is going to be playing games it’s always best to talk with people who at least put up an image on these sites. If you are going to date someone you’ll want to know what they look like so always go for those with images.

How to Tell Older Images

It should be quite easy to tell if an image is older as hairstyles will be different and clothing will be quite different. A person who puts an older image on the site isn’t someone you want to be talking to. If you do decide to talk to someone where the image seems to be older ask them if they have a recent image.

Model-Like Perfect Images

Make sure you pay attention to the images and look for those images that seem “too good to be true.” While there arе very beautiful people out there they usually only look their best when they are under light or are modeling. This is an easy way to tell if the image is in fact not a truthful image as it will just look “too perfect.” Look for images that look for like poses then natural portraits and have beaches, or pristine backgrounds on them. These are most likely fake photographs and not the real person at all.


Pay attention to how people respond to you. If they say a lot of “I don’t know” then they are probably hiding something from you. Monitor how the conversation goes and if they seem too distant tor don’t really want to answer any direct questions then you might want to look elsewhere. Someone should dating site should be more than willing to talk about their lives with you as it’s the only way you can get to know a person better.

No Image With Unbelievable Claims

If you’re on a dating site and the person has no image and then claims to have some “amazing job” or a lot of money then this is a red flag. If the person was in this type of position they would have a recent photograph and wouldn’t be hiding on the site.

lying on dating site


Use Common Sense

If you’re on dating sites you should just use your common sense when dating and you’ll pick up on who is playing a game and who isn’t. Have a bit of caution with any person you talk to on dating sites and you’ll do fine.