Dating Apps and Smartphone Flirting

Owning an iphone, android or whatever smartphone, is a great way to flirt with other people and send them messages. You don’t want to be too aggressive when flirting with your smartphone but you can use it to grab the attention of someone. Here’s how to use your smartphone for flirting.

Dating Apps

There arе many mobile apps that can help you flirt such as This application will help let you connect with other singles over your smartphone so you can find people near your location. There’s no complicated signup process and the application is easy to use. This is just one example of a smartphone application you can use for flirting there are tons of other ones that make it easy to get to know someone better over your smartphone. In most cases you’ll have to pay some type of fee to use the advanced features of these online dating services.

Text Messaging

In the past once you met a girl you needed to exchange phone numbers and go through the complicated and difficult process of trying to talk to her over the phone. This isn’t easy to do for young people and they can get very nervous as they aren’t able to just be who they are. When you use text messaging to do this it’s so much easier to have a natural conversation and even throw in some flirting with the text messages.

You can start by complimenting the person you are texting and then asking what they are interested in. Through your conversations you can add in little jokes and really get to know the other person so they are relaxed when talking to you. When you text you can be more natural and this will let some of your natural personality come out. You won’t feel as shy or embarrassed as you do talking over the phone.

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You don’t want to send crude or disgusting pictures on your smartphone to a girl because this won’t work. What you want to do is send her something interesting you saw or someplace that you went. The idea is to show her things that grab her interest and not turn her off.

Grab Her Interest

You want to grab her interest and make her excited to talk with you. You never want to be dull, boring or crude. Make her think that you’re interested in her and she will want to talk with you for a very long time.

Online Dating Sites

If you’re having trouble meeting women then you might want to consider some online dating sites as you’ll be able to easily exchange numbers with some women and start texting and talking to them over your smartphone. On these sites you can send a good picture of yourself and write a nice profile to get women interested in you. Before you join you should read reviews of some online dating sites and then pick the best ones. The combination of your smartphone and a good online dating site will have you meeting the opposite sex in no time at all.

Download dating apps

Here’s a short list of popular dating apps that you can download on your smartphone, some are free some require one payment or a monthly payment.  – iphone | android | smartphone –  iphone | android | smartphone – iphone | android | smartphone – iphone | android |


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