The firsts are indeed memorable and should be treasure. What if your first date is not successful? Are you still going to treasure it? Well, it is up to you what would you prefer. If you are just planning to have your first date, it is a must that you should know what should be avoided during the first date.

Ways on how to Avoid Mistakes

  1. Do not wear inappropriate attire. It is important that you should look good in your first date. The way you dress would reflect your personality that is why you must choose the kind of clothes that are suited on the date because first impression last of for your date not to become destructed as well.
  2. Do not become an interviewer on the date. Although date is one way of getting to know each other, it is not advisable that you should not ask questions about their plans in the future or what makes them motivated. It is a date and not a kind of meeting.
  3. Bringing a friend on the date is a big NO. Have you ever imagined going on a date with someone who is listening on your conversation? This is one way of ruining the date. It is like that you are not yet ready to be on your own.
  4. Do not talk anything that is related to sex. This would really offend your date. This thing should not be a topic especially on the first date because this would make your date feel that you are after it even if you are not.
  5. Do not get drunk. It is not bad to drink during the date as long as it would not affect the date. Since it is a first date, you should know what your limit is to avoid worse scenarios that may arise.
  6. Do not ever mention your ex. This is one of the things that would ruin the date. This would also make your date feels that you cannot get over yet with your past.
  7. Do not be nervous; just relax. It is natural to feel nervousness but beware of showing it to your date. Just relax and enjoy the moment and go with the smooth flow of the conversation.

Why First Date should be Planned

First date is going to be the basis of your future date that is why it is needed that it should be planned and prepared to make sure that it would make you feel satisfied. Circumstances are there and would be prevented both would look at the positive side of the situation. Location also plays an important role to avoid mistakes on the first date. Plan for a place where you think you are comfortable and of the known places are dine in restaurant and movie house. This would create an ambiance which is perfect for conversation and would give both of you the comfort that you want.  Do not expect anything from the first date to avoid any disappointment and if you want your date to become one of the best dates.

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