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There are questions that should be left unasked especially if you do not want to ruin your date. It is necessary to ask questions but you should know that it would not offend your date and the limits should be considered as well. Personal questions should not be asked. Just let the circumstances permit to know your date personally. Everyone wants to have a perfect and memorable date but you should first know what should be done and what should not be.

6 questions that should be unasked on a date:

  1. How old are you?

This very simple question may become your date uncomfortable. Date is about knowing each other better. If you want to know how old your date is, you can restate the question in different way for your date not to become offended. You can ask “are you in the twenties?” would go definitely fine.

  1. How much is your salary?

Money matters but not should be asked in a date. This would make you appear rude and at the same time would make your date become uncomfortable with you for they may think that you are just after the money and nothing more.

  1. Why you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Date is not the right time to ask this question because this would make your date stocked up and may become defensive that may lead to certain form of argument.

  1. Weird questions such as “Do you like me?” and “Am I the type of your ideal person?”

This would make your date think that you are weird, desperate and does not have self-confidence. This would not help your date to become comfortable and relax with you.

  1. Are you still a virgin?

This is really a big NO to ask on a date. This is an issue and too personal to ask. Date is not the proper time for you to ask this which may also cause embarrassment on the part of your date.

  1. “What are your plans in the future?” And “How many kids do you want to have?”

Date is too early for this question to be asked and talk about the things that you are not sure that would happen. Just talk about the present and let the date decide if you can talk about it in another way around.

Questions would be the bases if there would be series of dates that would follow. Asking questions require a proper timing if you want to have an answer that is worthy. You are now probably wondering about the questions that you asked in a date. For you to be guided, just avoid asking questions that are intrusive and offensive because this would not really help to make the date become successful and meaningful. Excellent date would be yours if you know how to deal with the situation as well as the ability to ask questions that are not awkward and would not make the unpleasant moments.

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