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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #e50707;”] I [/dropcap]f you are around Canada and you are single at the moment, there is something you need to know about online dating, not all platforms end up with real dates. Only few online platforms like has ended up as the best realistic place where you can meet singles and serious minded people from Montreal. MonMatch has proved to be consistent, dynamic in its algorithm of sorting among diverse potential singles from Canada and beyond. Finding your real mate can really be a very big issue with all the sorts of pranks and scams on the internet therefore you really need to be careful about the dating platform you will choose. From my own candid advice, a sneak preview into this gives you an impression that the website is here for serious business, the only thing I am really concerned about is if they are ready to take all precautions against fraudulent people online. In this Review, I will check into details to see what they are doing about the safety of their users and how you can be safe while you come here to get the best match of your life and future.


How is it Friendly and Easy to Use?

From the design and outlook of this website, it looks perfectly simple to use, from my experience online for almost 8 years, I have use several tons of websites since the early days of YahooPersonals which is now merged to This means I really know what I am saying when am giving out an advice about a dating site, I have been a fervent social personality and dating services have been my niche to meet new singles and new friends, most times I end up subscribing and most times I just stumble out of several websites when I see they are not so easy to use or promising. From my first impression about, I wish I could have seen this at the very time I was looking for a hot date in Canada. Right now, I know the level of sites immediately I visit them and I am giving this website 8 Stars out of 10 for simplicity. Immediately you get to the homepage you can browse profiles and see a snippet of the people you are about to meet on the website.

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What Package Plans are Available on

There are three standard categories on but it’s better to distinguish them into just two segments, the Trial and the Gold Membership category. As a trail member it is very obvious that you can create your own profile, you can add pictures and videos to your profile, browse the website and see thousands of people, and you can send only a limited number of emails which is not total freedom I always love to enjoy. You can also view other members profile, send them chat requests free which is one of my best features I always look out for once I register. You can send and receive winks from every member. Now am starting to get excited because I can see that I can add friends, and block people I don’t really want to know, this means they are very serious about some security measures.

The second category are the Gold Members who have all the features I have explained above, the only long juice they get to enjoy more is that they can send and reply unlimited number of emails and winks, they can view other members picture and video galleries, they can use Text Messages, Video Calls and Video Chats without any form of restriction. This is such a lovely platform, it means you can easily meet people instantly, start talking with them and getting to know them as if you are on a real live platform, this means you don’t have to wait for days to know if someone will reply or not. The SMS feature makes this quiet so interesting and I will vouch and recommend this site to anyone who wants to meet someone without going through hurdles of waiting and few chances of replying. Moreover its not expensive to become a gold member. The VIP members now have a big leverage on every other type of members, they get to stand out of the crow, they are highlighted above all other members and this gives them the chances of been noticed so easily and very much more than every other members on the website.

Here are the prices for a subscription to

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  • $24.99 for 1 month
  • $49.99 a month for 3 months
  • $79.99 a month for 6 months
  • $119.99 a month for 12 months



Security Measures and Guarantee of Safety

As I have earlier mentioned that the guarantee of my safety against scammers is the most important and vital part of what I am interested in on any website. is doing a very great job to reduce my risk to a very good minimal and that’s truly encouraging. The fact that they have an IP restriction which filters out and prevent scammers from Asia and other parts of the world is really encouraging, they have an email address verification process against spam emails which means all those spam coming from can never get into my email or send me malicious infected emails. They have a manual moderation of users which means when they see any suspected member; they just delete them automatically without any member of the site reporting such users.

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The Negative Sides

Dating online although is better been community driven but to some of us we still want to find our mates beyond our environments, we want to go out there and meet someone, we want to travel and liberate ourselves from our shelves. I don’t know how many people who come from other parts of the world on, therefore my hypothesis may be wrong but I don’t like websites that restricts members from other parts of other neighboring countries like America. There are a lot of Canadians outside of Canada who wants to meet someone inside of Canada but now they have been blocked outside of


My Final Verdicts

As a solid reviewer and a honest critique, I cannot give you my final word about, sometimes looks can be deceiving and you really need to pay attention to details, so I really advice that once you register on MonMatch, start as a Trial member for a couple of weeks, only change to Gold Members when you are satisfied and be careful online. It’s just a very big scary place out there where you need to watch your back every minute. My final advice, when you meet someone online, make sure you don’t send any money till you meet in real life and choose a public place to meet up. Do not send cash, you can take care of all the responsibilities but don’t become a Debit Card.