– Meet Calgarians Singles – Meet Calgarians Singles is part of the main dating network, the Dating Factory. Their system has been assimilated many years of design experience in the latest WEB2 methodology and online dating to create safe, easy to use and enjoyable dating platform. Their major priority is to keep their users happy. Communication tools and advanced technology gives the users an immediate access to their million members around the world. Wide search standards helps to find what the user is looking for.

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Safe & Secure?

As part of their website security, user’s personal data are kept on the protected server, which is placed in one of the countries in the European Union. It cannot be revealed or sold to any third party. The purpose of your contact information is for providing you with the service that you agreed upon to the terms and conditions of Your credit card information will pass through a secure connection once you submit it to the payment provider. Your card is authorized only for the payment you choose on the website. All of the communications among the members of the site is protected, not moderated and private. You have the right to report those members who abused the system and their profile will immediately be deleted.

It safe, they actually verify their members using different techniques. First is, they used the automated control and restrictions to geographical areas with high risk or they are requested for the verification of their email address. Next, they also make use of manual control of profile description and the media content that were submitted to the website. Lastly, the members who creates an illegal content in their messages or profile as reported by the other members will be deleted.

Is it like other dating services?

Yup! Browsing Category allows you to save everything in just one place, those you don’t like, you like and you can also view those who visits your profile. They also lets you to enjoy your friends and keep in touch with them. This site is visited by members who showed interest to your profile. You can also add a friend you like and they will get a notification stating that you are strongly interested in them. This website has an easy to use and cool program that makes an instant connection between you and the members. You will be able to see who’s online, so you can talk or chat them using your microphone or you can turn on the webcam for you to get closer to each other. allows you to create your own profile that can catch others interest. They recommend you to put your real age and your most current picture on your profile. It don’t need to be like a professional picture the simplest ones draws better reaction because in real life this is how you really look and your future partner will appreciate you . Adding a video can give a benefit to show them who you really are. In putting a description don’t be in a hurry, think before you write, make your digital closer to your real self.

Cost of membership

Total Connect Memberships

  • $24.95  for 1 month
  • $49.95 for 3 months
  • $79.95 for 6 months
  • $119.95 for 1 year


Dating site like is an exciting place to find your future partner and can give you a different experience but still keep in mind that before doing this, think first of your safety because it is very important that you are with the people that you know you can trust.

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