or any gay man looking to meet like-minded other gay men, this is definitely an option to try.  There are several choices available from free memberships to premium, and of course, the features vary accordingly.  One interesting area to note is the non-dating information that might catch anyone’s eye like their “seat filler” theater review videos.  There is no doubt, however, that this is a website devoted to gay matches. Overall, this is a well-designed website.

Website’s User Friendliness

 From the very first time you pull up the site, you know exactly what GayMtl.ca is about and truly, that is what works in regards to user friendliness.  For this site, it is easy to spot the “Sign in” area for members and just as easy to see the “Not a member yet” link in order to get started for newbies.  Viewers are instantly drawn to the visuals as their eyes dance around on the page admiring the obvious male models as well as featured members.  In addition, the top menu straightforwardly displays the standard selections of any dating/relationship site such as “chat,” “find members,” “profile,” and so on.  The bottom menu gives access to other expected areas of a site from “company information,” to “user agreement,” to “help” and more.  For example, if I wanted to know the code of conduct and quality control of GayMtl.ca, I can simply click on “User Agreement” and be taken to a page that lays out all the rules, policies, and requirements of the site in clear and specific detail.  This is a highly useful feature for someone who may be a little hesitant to try this type of dating website service.  Another really useful example is the “Help” page.  By selecting this link, users are presented a list of FAQs that answers just about any question a potential user could have.  Personally, if I were thinking of trying an online dating service, this would be my first area of study.  GayMtl.ca gets high marks from this reviewer in providing a well-developed “Help” section.  Nevertheless, if you are interested in finding out prices and such, you won’t get very far without joining, at least as a free member to begin.  Once you’ve made that bit of commitment, more information will be available to you.

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Here are the prices for a subscription to GayMtl.ca

  • $24.99 a month for Premium Membership
  •  Free for Basic Membership
  •  There is no one-time or fixed rate membership payment ability at the current time.

There are several plan options for GayMtl.ca.  First, there is a free basic plan.  Then, there is the premium plan.  Officially, GayMtl.ca claims it is “one of the most affordable” and that “pricing varies by membership plan.”  Thus, it takes a bit of digging to find a consensus for pricing without actually joining.  Nevertheless, this author found by extensive investigation that the premium plan is $24.99 per month.


Although it is possible to join for free, many choose to become a premium member for the added features.  If you choose to do this, there are some other terms of service to keep in mind.  Cancellation is possible anytime by clicking an area in the “My Account” section.  This is good to know because many times members can’t cancel or change their membership plan without first talking to representatives live on the phone, which in itself presents many issues and possibilities for hassle.  Promo Codes can be applied to your membership, giving you discounts, free periods, and/or gifts in some cases. Payments are made via credit cards on the GayMtl.ca website monthly as GayMtl.ca does not have a one-time or fixed rate fee.  Memberships cannot be transferred, but it can be upgraded or changed per client profile. And as expected, all payments made are nonrefundable.

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The User Reviews

 Reviews for GayMtl.ca are generally given from the perspective of the limitations gay men face in trying to meet compatible gay men.  Too, reviews concentrate on expected features and functions like:  pricing, number of plans, how many members there are, types of members met, chatting and email capabilities, limits of photos, security, and customer service.


The Negative Reviews

The negative reviews of GayMtl.ca are what have to be expected in all honesty.  Some past users complain about membership price and limits or lack of membership plan variety.  Others complain that the members on GayMtl.ca aren’t looking for long-term relationships and are more into one-time hook-ups.  One particularly interesting ‘negative’ concerns the abundant ads on the site, which can be distracting and irritating as they pop-up throughout.  Other than this, there were not too many negative reviews found, which all in all, is not only surprising for an online dating website, but also highly unusual for any business nowadays.


The Positive Reviews

 It was easy to find positive reviews about GayMtl.ca, a refreshing discovery.  Some focus on the strict policies and rules GayMtl.ca has regarding photo uploads/downloads and code of conduct when communicating online in their forum or chat area.  This provides a high quality level of security for members.  Another area that brings positive attention is the free basic membership.  Unlike some other dating sites/services, you don’t have to be a paid member to meet other members on GayMtl.ca and you have full access to send private IMs, email members, and participate in chatting with groups.   Some reviewers rave about the plethora of available men on GayMtl.ca.  Apparently, not all sites are equal in membership level and GayMtl.ca stands out as one that has many professional, good-looking types, which is verifiable by the ability that GayMtl.ca allows multiple photos to be uploaded into profiles.


After reviewing many online dating sites/services, it is pleasurable to note that GayMtl.ca is one htat stands out from the crowd.  It offers plenty of options in the basic plan and more in their upgraded, premium plan and the site is designed with user friendliness in mind.

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