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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #e50707;”] B [/dropcap] is a site that is attempting to bring people of the same race together. If you feel more comfortable dating someone from your own race, could be a good option for you. It is advertised as a serious dating website for black singles to meet one another. This can help you narrow down your selection to something more manageable, but this site is far from perfect. While this theme can be used to benefit many black singles, the websites design and its low member base could be some serious negatives.

Website’s User Friendliness

The homepage is extremely simple and its main objective is to get you to join. It makes you believe that you can browse through the site for free, but when you click the button, you are immediately prompted to create a profile. If you do a bit of searching on the page, you will find a few links that take you to success stories, help columns, and there is even a link that allows you to search through profiles. This is a feature that cannot usually be found, but this means that you can easily see if the site is for you before signing-up. The look of the website is quite dated and its functionality, though it works, is a little sloppy. Overall, the site may work, but it is certainly nothing special.

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Here are the prices for a subscription to

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  • $19.99 For One Month
  • $29.97 For Three Months
  • $49.94 For Six Months


When compared to other online dating portals, it is easy to see that is one of the cheapest options available. These prices are certainly affordable. Many people enjoy it when a site has cheap prices, but there are a good number of people who see it as a negative. It raises some suspicions for some buyers. They simply want to know why it is priced so low. Having these affordable prices can certainly be seen as a plus, so this can help you make your decision on whether or not to join. Your best option is to try out a month seeing as it is only $10. It is easy to see that used these prices to make themselves competitive with the other websites that use the same theme.

Strangely enough, it seems that signing up for a free account is not necessary with You can already search through the site and see profiles without signing-up. The only reason to sign-up for a free account would be to fill out your profile, but if you are going to take the time to do that, you might as well subscribe to the site. This is not a negative, however. Many sites make you sign-up before they allow you to search through their profiles, so gives you a lot of access to their site for no cost at all. This allows you to truly decide whether you enjoy the site before you make a commitment.

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User Reviews

It seems that the general consensus for is that it is a waste of a dating website. It seems to either fail completely or barely scrape by. There are a few cases in which people do find their match, but those instances seem to be rare.


Negative Reviews

The main complaint seems to be with the user base. Users claims that most of the profiles are not real and that they typically do not have any real members online. This is obviously a large issue for a dating website. Many online dating websites make fake profile or keep users profiles active even when they haven’t been used in a while to make it seem as if they have a lot of users. In addition to this issue, there is also the common issue of scammers on the site. Many users claim you will either see a scam artist or a fake profile. The few people that are real on this site are not black, very old, or rude. Sadly, there just does not seem to be hope for


Positive Reviews

While they are few in number, you can find a few positive reviews. While some of them are suspiciously positive, these reviews seem to be the exception. They claim the site worked well, they met many nice people, and they eventually found the love of their life. While it would be great to believe these reviews, they are quite rare. In any case, may have worked for a few people.

There are many dating websites with many different themes. A new popular theme is for dating websites to be race specific. is one of these sites, but it seems to be poorly executed. It falls flat on many of its promises and it has an extremely low user base. The few users it does have tend to be quite rude and are not looking for a serious relationship. If you are a black single and you wish to find a true, meaningful relationship, you should avoid this site.


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