Allowing the First Move to Find You: Unveiling the Charm of Dating Apps

Letting someone else make the first move on dating apps can be beneficial. It helps reduce the pressure of initiating conversations and allows you to sift through better quality matches. The people messaging first are more likely to be genuinely interested in you rather than just swiping right on every profile. It also doesn’t mean you’re giving up control as you can still choose who to respond to and set your own boundaries. Finally, it’s refreshing to see someone else show interest in you and it increases the odds of finding a worthwhile match in the numbers game of dating apps.

The Magic of Letting the First Move Come to You on Dating Apps

Have you ever spent hours swiping on dating apps just to get no matches? It’s frustrating to put in effort and receive no interest. Maybe it’s time to try a new approach. Instead of tirelessly swiping right, why not let the first move come to you? Here’s why it’s worth it.

Lower Pressure, More Fun

When you’re the one initiating conversations, there’s a lot of pressure to come up with witty openers and keep the conversation going. Letting someone else make the first move means you get to sit back and relax. You aren’t responsible for carrying the conversation, so you can focus on just enjoying the interaction. It’s like being approached by someone at a party – sure, you might feel a bit nervous, but ultimately it’s exciting to have someone show interest in you.

Better Quality Matches

When you’re making the first move, you might find yourself swiping right on people you’re not actually that interested in. Maybe you’re tired of seeing the same faces and want to broaden your options. But when you let others make the first move, you’re essentially filtering out people who aren’t genuinely interested in you. The people who message you first are more likely to be interested in who you are as a person, rather than just your pictures or bio.

You’re Not Giving Up Control

Some people might worry that letting someone else make the first move means giving up control over the conversation or relationship. But that’s not necessarily the case. By being passive and letting the first move come to you, you’re still in control of who you choose to talk to and how you respond. You’re not obligated to respond to every message you receive, and you can still set boundaries and make your own decisions.

It’s Refreshing

Constantly swiping right and coming up with openers can be exhausting. Letting someone else make the first move is a nice change of pace. It’s exciting to see that someone else has shown interest in you and taken the time to craft a message. Plus, it can give you a confidence boost to know that you’re desirable and attractive.

The Numbers Game

Dating apps are inherently a numbers game. You might have to swipe through dozens of profiles before you find a match, and even then, not every conversation will lead to a date. By letting someone else make the first move, you increase your odds of finding a worthwhile match. You might still have to sift through some duds, but at least you know that the people who are messaging you are genuinely interested.


In conclusion, there’s something to be said for sitting back and letting the first move come to you on dating apps. It takes the pressure off, increases your chances of finding better matches, and can be a refreshing change of pace. So next time you find yourself getting frustrated with the endless swiping, try taking a step back and seeing who comes to you instead. You might be surprised at the results.

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