There arе many words you can say to a moan but some are going to be better than others. Here are a few you can use to initiate conversations and to make a woman melt.

“You Make Me Laugh”

By telling a woman that she makes you laugh you are telling her that she is fun to be around and that she is special to you. A woman wants to feel like she is loved so this is a great way to let her know.

“Can’t Wait to See You”

If you’re talking to a woman on an online dating site and you are getting ready to meet then this is an excellent thing to say. You can also do this in the days leading up to any date. This shows the woman that you are excited and want to be with her.

“I Really Like You”

While you might want to say “I love you” this really isn’t something you should say unless you truly feel it when dating. Saying I like you is a lot better because it shows her at least you have some interest in her and you want to take things further.

“How was Your Day?”

This seems like a simple thing but it’s a good one because it shows her that you care about he things she does during the day and are interested in her. Always ask her first about what she has been doing and never babble on about yourself unless she asks you.

“You Make Me Feel Great”

Use this to show her that being with her makes you feel wonderful and that you love to be with her. You can of course modify this to say just about anything just as long as she knows that being with her makes you feel good.

“Let’s Spend More Time Together”

Tell her that you want to spend time with her so she knows you’re still interested in her. You na do this when talking through online dating sites so she rushes back form whatever else she was doing to talk with you again. If you’re just dating then use this one to initiate more dates.

“Only You”

This one shows her that it’s only her that can do this or that or make you feel this way. This phrase is a great one because it centers on her and no one else.


Make Phrases Count

Whether you’re talking to her in person or through an online dating site you need to make the woman feel like she is cared for and loved. Don’t make crude comments or jokes but center your conversation on her and no one else. With some practice you’ll get good at this and you’ll have plenty of dates and maybe even some long-term lasting relationships in your life. Make the conversations that you have count and let her know how much you care about her when you are talking together.