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Should You Go After Multiple Online Dating Prospects at the Same Time?

You may have heard about the dangers of polygamy and in going after many romantic relationships at the same time, but let’s just leave them all for a moment and focus on going after many online dating prospects at once.  Not real-world potential dates, but virtual ones.  Many virtual ones, that is.  If you subscribe to this idea, then you also subscribe to the fact that going after multiple women as possible dating partners can be both great and advantageous.  If you do believe in this concept and can accept this as a great dating advice, then this article is for you.

By having many potential subjects of your Internet-based affections, you will not dwell much on losing one or two of them.  The best thing about this is that you can learn much from these failed excursions and then apply these lessons in interacting with your other online prospects.  This is one of those online dating tips that you might need to consider if you are really hoping to find that special someone out of the myriad numbers of people who are participating in a dating site.

Also, interacting with multiple potential online dates in any single given time enables you to constantly hone on your dating and relationship skills.  By tackling many targets at one time, you can be sure to develop your dating expertise and at the same time allow you to stumble upon situations that reveal more of yourself.
Accordingly, the more time you spend with several objects of your affections in the top dating sites, the more opportunities that you can have at trying out new approaches at online courtship with them.  By knowing that we do still have someone else we can go back to, we can minimize the effect that our risky endeavors at virtual romance may have on us.  For example, we can try out different online pickup techniques on various women that we consider to be potential dating material; we can then gauge the effectiveness of our pickup lines by looking at those women who declined them and by considering those who reacted positively to them.  Trying out what can turn out to be a negative pickup phrase on just one potential online date can ruin the whole setup.

dating gameThe most significant thing about pursuing several online dating subjects at the same time is the fact that we are only doing what some women (who mostly consider themselves to be exceptional beauties that should be the constant recipient of men’s affections and attention) are actively doing in some of the best dating sites; that is, date multiple guys at any single given time.  These women often ignore commonsense dating tips and just go after many guys in online dating sites seemingly just for the fun of it, in the process “flaking out” or avoiding some them through various made-up excuses.  Now you take up their example and you do the same thing; you feel better because you know that this is all just a virtual exercise that tends to attenuate whatever guilt or remorse that you can feel from it.  In due time, your potential online date would soon realize that she is not alone in this game, but she will not fret much about it since it is but an inherent risk of participating in dating sites and she has no choice but to accept the consequences and move on.

Sometimes, putting all of your hopes and expectations on just one virtual bet is not a good thing, especially if you are aiming to find that someone whom you can finally consider as your destined better half.  It would be better if you try out as many online date prospects as you can possibly carry so you can readily determine who your potential paramour would be among them.  By looking at things in a positive light, you can be certain of eventually finding that online romantic partner that you had long dreamed of.

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