If you are a man and looking to seduce the opposite sex then there are several techniques you can use. One thing you need tot do is be confident, calm, and a fun person to begin with as a woman will pick up on these traits and want to be with you. There are several techniques you can use in person or on online dating sites to seduce and pick up women.


Use both physical and verbal flirting when trying to pick u and seduce women. A woman needs to feel a connection to you before she wants to sleep with you. One thing you must not do is to be too direct with your flirting, it should be subtle. Create some sexual tension with her and some laughter as this will go a long way. If you’re on an online dating site you can use jokes to put her in a good mood.


Use your flirting in the conversation and keep the conversation going. The woman needs to know that you like her and through your conversation and flirting she will pick up on this. If you’re dating online this might be easier to do because you won’t feel as shy and you can say things you might not in person. You can pull back a bit and seem a bit distant and then push forward again with your flirting. This can work wonders because it adds a bit of mystery to you and the woman will be asking questions in her head about you.

Connect with Her

romeo and julietteYou need to make a string connection when you first start flirting and talking with her. Try and pick up on the things she likes and then start discussing them with her. Just ask her what she likes to do and carry the conversation on from there. When you do this you’re showing an interest in what she likes and that’s a very attractive trait to have. You show her that you have some consideration and that you’re genuinely interested in her. Use the conversation to find out more about her and what she’s into. Try to ask her questions and keep the conversation going.


Whether you’re using an online dating site or talking in person you should try to add a bit of mystery to your personality. A woman will want to know all about you if you’re a bit mysterious. You don’t want to reveal everything about yourself and have nowhere to go in the conversation. Make sure the woman can’t read you very well because you want to be a bit mysterious to keep her interested in you.

Seduction isn’t as Hard as it Seems

Seducing a woman isn’t as hard as it seems you just have to be willing to go for it and see where it leads. A woman went on a date for you for a reason so it’s up to you to take it to another level or get another date with her.