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In our modern era, there are numerous different styles of relationships. The simple days of two people being with one another are over – Read the review

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In our modern era, there are numerous different styles of relationships. The simple days of two people being with one another are over and the days of specific tastes are here. Recently, “arrangement” style relationships have become quite popular. hopes to help members explore this type of relationship and tires to gather people with a like-minded attitude. This is a site for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies to find their Sugar Babies. While the site is not perfect, it does have a good number of positive features. Websites that have a specific theme, like this one, typically do better because they bring people together that are all looking for the same thing. Unfortunately, these sites also bring a large number of scam artists and rude individuals.

Website’s User Friendliness

While the site is a new, modern from of dating, it still uses the old dating website approach. A site like this should have a different style to reflect its unique theme, but instead it uses the same layout that has been done over and over again. Its homepage is almost like an entire ad, using different phrases or pictures to grab your attention. It does give you a bit of information about the site, but its main function is to get you to sign-up right away. When you begin searching the site, you will find a decent amount of information that is meant to sway your decision to join. Finding the price is impossible, but they FAQ section can help you find out more about how the website actually works. In addition to that, there are multiple pages that describe exactly what the site is about and how arrangement relationships work. Overall, the site looks a little old and it can be slightly annoying to navigate, but it is still a pretty good website.

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Here are the prices for a subscription to

Sugar Daddies and Mommies

  • $49.95 For One Month
  • $119.95 For Three Months
  • $189.95 For Six Months

Sugar Babies

  • $20 For One Month

Diamond Club Membership Price:

  • $1000+ A Year


Prices for are quite unique. It is much more expensive to join the site if you are a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy, though this makes sense. The whole point of the site is that these members are supposed to be relatively wealthy, so it is only natural that the price be higher. Sugar Babies have an enormous amount of free features, but if they wish to join, they only have to pay $20 a month. This is quite cheap and, yet again, this makes sense. If you are looking for someone to give you expensive gifts and to pay for things for you, you will most likely not be able to afford high subscription prices. As for the Diamond Club Membership, the prices vary greatly, but it is typically more than $1000 a year. It simply adds a lot more features, gives you a high priority in the searches, and it allows you to verify all of your information.

The free membership varies depending on how you sign-up. If you are a Sugar Daddy, you can view profiles, fill out your own profile, upload pictures, and you can even send 10 emails. You cannot, however, read emails that have been sent to you. There are also numerous features and privacy settings that you cannot use. For Sugar Babies, the free membership is much more beneficial. Sugar Babies can read incoming emails, send emails of their own, fill out their profile, search for members, and upload pictures. The only requirement is that you submit one picture and have it be accepted before you get started. As for free memberships, these options are very helpful. They give you more than enough information and features to help you decide whether you would like to become a member.

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User Reviews

User reviews tend to be quite negative towards any dating site. With, there are some harsh negative reviews, but there are also quite a few positive reviews as well. There are some common issues with scam artists and rude members, but the basic values of the site seem to work. It seems that if you wish to find someone to have this sort of arrangement with, this could be the place to do it.


Negative Reviews

As with all sites of this nature, scam artists will be an issue. They will have some clever way to trick you into taking pity on them and sending them money. If you are a Sugar Baby, you should never have to deal with this issue, but Sugar Daddies and Mommies have to be on watch. Unless you truly know the person, it is best to not send them any sort of gift or payment yet. As long as you use your common sense, you shouldn’t be affected by these issues. There have also been claims that you cannot find a decent human being on the site and that many people are rude. Sadly, this is unavoidable. You just have to be patient and hopefully you do not come across anyone that is overtly rude. One reviewer also claimed it is impossible to delete your account. Though you do not have to have automatic billing, it can still be annoying to have all of your information on the website.


Positive Reviews

Positive reviews for this site are quite simple: the site works. After doing a bit of searching, flirting, and talking to multiple members, you are bound to find someone suitable for you. The positive reviews claim that there is a large member base and that finding a partner is quite easy on both sides. If you truly wish to find a person that wishes to participate in an arrangement relationship, this is the place to go.

In our modern times, relationships have changed quite a bit. There is no way to simply define a relationship anymore. Arrangement style relationships have become quite popular and they are very beneficial for both people involved. If you find yourself wanting to experience a relationship like this, this could be the perfect website for you. The website may be a bit outdated looking, but it functions quite well. You are sure to find someone that you can have an excellent arrangement with. Give the site a try today.


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