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 cannot really tell if my weird experience online as a long user of dating services had turned me to a critique or just someone who knows what is good when I see them. is the website I want to review today. I have been receiving several mails and requests to give my opinion about from my friends and fearful readers who would love to find a match in Russia. Russia is a very different place and yes we have to face the truth, there is a lot of news coming from Russia about Internet Scam that is really not interesting. is just not the topic I would love to discuss but I would also love to deny this big widespread rumor and unjust image that have been given to Russia online. Most people are now scared of anything called Russian Dating. I wonder when we would all rise up to find out every element of truth before we criticize and throw away the new developments of online dating platforms that are being enjoyed in every parts of the world. is an online website where you can easily meet thousands to millions of Russians both home and abroad. Some mischief set into place about our dear Russian Federation because of some online scam which is not only in Russia.


The Russian Scam as a Blackmail?

Every country has its own headache and version of security threats and online scam is one of the canker worms that have eaten deep into the fabrics of our society. But the truth of this issue is that seventy eight percent of the reported cases of scam about Russian Ladies online are not even happening in Russian and to Russians! There are millions of users out there who preys on the fear and wrong impression of Russian citizens to make money online. and some other few websites are the ones I could give some recommendation for standing up against this blackmailing. If I call it blackmailing, I know I will receive a lot of comments here by people who think I am wrong but I am not. I have travelled to several places and there are a lot of people who uses Russian pictures to pose as Russian ladies just because they know that our ladies are irresistible, that doesn’t mean we should fall into the ditch of the impression and the name they have given us as Russians. It’s just the high time we should rise up and use the internet for the uplifting of our lives, meet people online, start dates and enjoy our lives, instead of living in the fear of running into some scams online which are not even meant for us.

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How Safe can be? plays a very big significant role in reducing this great risk as most people perceive it and now the heavens are starting to get clear for anyone who wants to get up, get along and find someone reliable and loving online. There are privacy policies and country IP (Internet Protocol) restrictions to several countries of the world where phishing mails and scams originate from. The reduces all your risk to a 30 percent level. Then the second phase of security measures kicked in from They make sure that every users profile is manually approved, which means there is no one coming online on this website to harm anyone, immediately there is a suspicion on a profile, the profile is delete automatically and the user is banned until they can provide some form of identity or claims that are satisfactory. This reduces your chances of risks to a very low 5%. And in this Review, I will expose some security measures that you must put into consideration so that you can have the best chances online.


Membership Subscriptions on

There are two forms of membership subscription levels on and I really advice that you should go for the Gold Membership option. Although some people would love to be on Trial but I am sure that the trial will even convince you to subscribe as a Gold member, so there is no need to wait for a very long time before you should start using the best features of such as adding pictures and videos to your profile, sending and replying unlimited messages and SMS messages. There are many more features time won’t permit me to share here because I would love to explain some safety tips which I think is most important.

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Safety Tips you can use on

There are some little safety measures you must put in mind when you are using, firstly put it at the back of your mind never to send money to anyone you have never met in reality. Before you meet anyone, make sure you tell your friends and relatives and let the person you are about to meek know that you have told some people. Collect his or her address, phone numbers and the contact of one of the person’s relatives. Keep your financial information very discrete to yourself until you are best of friends and you will have the best experience of your life online with

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