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With all of the fancy gimmicks and cheap looking adds, it has been hard for the average single man/woman to find someone on a dating website.

Overall Rating : (7 / 10)
Ease of use : (6 / 10)
Popularity : (8 / 10)
Quality profiles : (5 / 10)
Cost : (5 / 10)
Customer Service : (7 / 10)


Thankfully, has come to the rescue and allows average users to join and use their services. It seems that this is a website for either casual dating or serious dating and it is perfect for young men and women to find one another. On, you have the chance to find your future spouse for an affordable price and while it is not perfect, it is one of the best dating websites out there. If you are a single man or woman looking for a relationship, this is the site for you.


Website’s User Friendliness’s main objective is to get you to sign-up the moment you enter the website and that is very easy to see with their ads. When you first enter you see large, real looking photos of singles that are apparently on the site. This is a nice change from the super models that typically appear on the front page of dating websites. The website looks very polished and well done. Finding information is quite easy, though the prices are hidden carefully. There is easy access to many points of there site from the home page and you get a sense of professionalism from It makes you feel at ease and it does not give a sense of cheapness, unlike some other dating websites out there. Overall, its an easy to use site that looks quite nice.

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Here are the prices for a subscription to

  • $19.99 a month for 1 month
  • $16.99 a month for 3 months(total: $50.97)
  • $9.99 a month for 6 months(total: $59.94)

The prices of are very fair and are quite cheap compared to some of the other leading dating websites. The prices are affordable so it makes it much easier to give the website a shot. If you are looking to get your feet wet in the online dating website world, this is the perfect place to do it. These prices are cheap and you are getting into a site that has a professional quality to it, so it is a great choice for beginners. It allows you to use the site without breaking the bank. It is nice to see that not all of the popular dating websites force you to pay a ridiculous amount of money to join.

When it comes to free accounts on the most popular dating websites, certainly has one of the best. It offers you an immense amount of features for no cost at all. You can create a detailed profile, upload photos, visit the advice section, view other profiles, send “Smiles’, and even respond to messages that are sent to you. With all of these features, it is easy to see why is so popular among singles. It allows you to truly test out their site before you purchase a membership. At, it is all about the member experience.

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The User Reviews

User reviews for are very positive aside from a few members that had a few bad experiences with the dates they went on. It is a great site to use if you are looking for a casual relationship or even a serious relationship. Apparently, there is something for everyone on It is a good idea to review both the positive and negative experiences of so you have a good idea of what you are getting into when you sign-up.


The Negative Reviews

The negative reviewers, though they are few in number, claim that they could not use the site well and that they met many rude members on the site. According to certain ex-members of, they went on dates with different people and the majority of them were only interested in a casual fling. It is apparently harder to find men that want a serious relationship. These members claim that there is a large number of men simply looking for a quick fling. They expressed that this detracts from the romantic mood that would otherwise have.


The Positive Reviews

The Majority of members that have used were quite happy with the dating website, They claim it is very easy to find a date as nearly everyone is easy to get along with and they are all upfront with what they are looking for. Some users are simply looking for flings, while others are looking for long term relationships that have the chance to progress even further. You are able to find a casual dating partner, a fun fling, or even a future spouse on They claim that the site is easy to use, members are typically friendly, and it is very easy to find someone. In addition to the dating service, many members praise the cheap prices for the incredible platform that offers. Apparently, it is worth the money. is the perfect location for any sort of single man or woman to go for online dating. With a wide array of services, cheap membership prices, and thousands of members looking for dates, it is hard to beat It is a site that caters to the needs of many different kinds of users, so chances are, it can fit you very well. Whether you want a serious relationship, or a casual date, this site has what you are looking for. With its incredibly cheap prices, there is no reason to pass this site up. could very well be the dating website for you.
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