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ll these are the challenges we face on the internet and you are not alone, most people come online only to find out that the niche they really want are unavailable. If you are of Indian origin or you share some background heritage with the most beautiful cultural promising country in the world, the search is now over. It’s time to get online again and meet the man or woman of your dreams who share the same Indian Heritage. is the biggest website in Canada that connects, brings together and gives you the platform to meet thousands of people from India. Eighty percent of the Indians in Canada especially the people around Toronto (Mississauga, Brampton) are now using to meet people and enjoy date they have always wanted. Now the question you supposed to ask is this. How long do you have to wait before you can meet someone on and is it safe? This is one of the most important questions on the internet and only a few guarantee websites can offer an answer. Most Dating websites would want you to subscribe as a Gold Member before you can have the privilege of meeting someone immediately. This is one of the barriers broken by that sets this website apart from several other websites. Now I would love to get into more details about IndianConnexions.


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Why Should You Use

IndiaConnexions is a website that was created by the Dating Factory Company, a company based in Canada using the WEB2 technology to create the best dating services on the internet, using the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection to protect their users and every visitor of the website. The means that the website is safe to use and there is privacy policy to ensure the safety of every user of the website. The Indian Dating community is a much needed facility to members of the Indian Community at large, there has always been a demand for an internet platform for people of India to meet online, but all the trials and errors have resulted into a lot of failure of several websites. This is the more reason why the community spirit that is brought all the way from India gets broken in environments like Canada and America where it’s hard to relate and meet people on the street just like in India. This break in the community has constituted a lot of problems for everyone from India who is living in Canada. This is a problem that this website set aside to solve and now they make dating so easy for anyone.



Here are the prices for a subscription to


  • $24.99 a month for one month
  • $49.99 a month for 3 months
  • $78.99 a month for 6 months


How Secure is the site

The best deal about this website is the security assurance, although I still do not give a very good vote to the security assurance but since everyone here on this site are some Indian Heritage or relatively close to some India background, that means the level of their awareness about online scam is very high. Unlike some European countries whose residents do not really believe that scam exist. Since we all come from a background that has shaped our minds and eyes to the defects in the society, it is very obvious for any Indian man or woman to smell a rat when they come across a scammer online. So therefore, the little idea we already have as Indians we greatly help us on IndianConnexions to avoid scammers. There is really no way to block those people out since they always find their way. has some security measure such as automated moderation and restriction of some geographical area such as Africa, there is manual email address verification which means there won’t be any spam mails coming to you and moreover indulge in manual moderation of users profiles and every content such as profile description and many more.

How Easy is to navigate

The ease of use of this website is quite very appealing to the eye and you are gonna love it, there is a quick search and advanced search which will help you to streamline down to the people you really want to meet. You can add friend and chat with them immediately. This is such a great feature that makes it interesting which answers the question about how long could it take you to meet someone online. With, you can use the Chat feature to chat with anyone and even talk to them on camera.

What Can you Do to Meet People more Faster?

There are some tips you need to consider in order to meet people faster, I recommend that you should upload good pictures, then record a very short video and upload it on your video gallery. You could just use your phone, this will give you a very big shot online and you will be amazed at the results

My Final Verdicts

I recommend this website to everyone who wants to meet someone from any part of India who is presently living inside of Toronto and every other part of Canada. This is a safe environment and the chances of meeting someone quickly are very high.

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