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Christian Café has become increasingly popular over the years with its warm, but professional website as well as its religious appeal. Read more

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Christian Café has become increasingly popular over the years with its warm, but professional website as well as its religious appeal. This site specifically targets single Christians looking for their soul mate and provides them with a place to chat and interact. However, is this site really as ‘holy” as it seems? Some reviewers say otherwise, while still others claim this is a safe and honest site for single Christians who are interested in joining an online dating website. On their website, people are greeted with rich and dark colors to accommodate the “Café” theme, all with a professional layout. The site has a free trial available, many unique features, as well as over 2,500 testimonials of successful relationships formed because of it. Keep in mind, this site is particularly designed for Christians and anyone who identifies as being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered is not allowed to become a member.


Website’s User Friendliness

As previously mentioned, this site is very professional. On the homepage everyone is welcomed by a simple and easy to use layout, featuring warm and rich brown colors all over the site in order to give you that true café feel. The homepage is straightforward with a photo of a happy couple, a brief article welcoming you to ChristianCafé.com, a place for logging in, as well as a button to get you started on your free ten day trial. There is also a link to direct you to the thousands of testimonials which verify the site’s success since 1999. Unlike nearly every other dating website, ChristianCafé.com displays their prices. While you admittedly have to do a little bit of digging through the site to find the membership prices, most other dating websites don’t feature them at all and potential members have to find other websites that tell you. This is a definite bonus and gives even more merit to the site and its honesty.

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Prices for a Subscription to

  • $107.97 for 12 months – 25 cents per day – about $9.00 a month
  • $77.97 for 6 months – 32 cents per day – about $13.00 a month
  • $47.97 for 3 months – 48 cents per day – about $16.00 a month
  • $34.97 for 1 month – $1.17 per day

While some of these prices may appear expensive, compared to other dating sites this is very cheap. Especially when, at the moment, ChristianCafé.com is having a sale on memberships of 3 months, 6 months, as well as 12 months for a limited time. The only one excluded from this deal is the 1 month option. This sale states that you now only have to pay $87.97 for 12 months, $57.97 for 6 months, or $42.97 for 3 months time. Anyone who has observed the prices of other online dating websites understands that this is very low in price. In many ways this puts Christian Café ahead of its competitors. However, although everyone obviously would want the best deal, there are some people who feel more comfortable when paying a steep price. This is because it makes the site seem more secure and professional than when they have prices which could almost be considered a steal.


Like most other online dating websites, Christian Café offers a free trial subscription. The trial lasts for seven days and an extra three days are added if you post a photo to your profile. However, what sets this trial apart from other dating websites is the fact that you have access to almost every feature, so that you can get an authentic “feel” for this website. There are many sites that allow you to create a profile for a limited amount of time, but you cannot talk to any other members and sometimes you can’t even search for people in your area. This trial gives you access to many features such as making a profile, searching for members, and communicating with other members as well. The only two features which are not included are the audio and video sections of instant messaging, and online chatting. Overall, this trial period is a great deal, giving you access to the numerous unique parts of the Café, especially when you consider the simple and straightforward sign up process that doesn’t take up a great deal of your time.

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The User Reviews

 ChristianCafé.com does seem to be genuinely true when it comes to wanting to help Christian singles find their perfect match. They have a simple and comfortable website, a good system, and they offer many “free” days or trials. However, there are still some problems associated with this site.


The Negative Reviews

 One of the main problems of this dating site is lying. There have been many people who complained of members posting pictures of what they looked like years ago, or pictures of completely different people. It has also been said by numerous women that there are some men on the site who don’t seem to be truly Christian in their mannerisms and ways of speaking or acting. Meanwhile, several reviews from men say that the women can typically be unrealistic in their ideals or will want to know everything about the man without saying anything about herself. Yet another problem which was mentioned by several reviewers was their subscription would be automatically renewed without their permission. Although this has happened several times, the site doesn’t fail to give a refund and an apology. Mainly, the problem with this dating site seems to be the people on it, not the system itself.


The Positive Reviews

 Despite the negative reviews of people on Christian Café, there are many positive reviews and testimonials that say this website is definitely worth the time and money. As mentioned earlier, the site features over 2,500 testimonials of successful relationships that have led to love and marriage. Some of the features of this site that have been positively mentioned include the attention paid to detail of the profiles and its questions. It has also been said that the search options available are quite thorough, letting you set a level of Christianity, age range, area, and more. Also appreciated was the ease of messaging through this website. This website is said to be very safe as well with the many members it has.



So, what’s the verdict of ChristianCafé.com? Overall, this site provides the perfect place for single Christians to chat and make new relationships. Compared to other dating websites, its prices are cheap and drawbacks are few. With the great free trial, try out ChristianCafé.com today!

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