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Welcome to Asia, the largest continent in the world, you are now about to experience an eye opening news about how to meet singles from every parts of Asia.

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 fter searching online for the best dating services in Asia, it occurred to me that there are hundreds of websites that are promising to offer the best Asian Singles Connection but most of them are just not worth visiting with a single click. I have been a very good lover of reviewing top best dating portals and this site caught my attention on my several searches on the internet. is just one of the best places to visit if you are looking for a descent dating website on the internet. Although I don’t really like its homepage outlook because i could easily compare it to one or two other websites I have ran into, although they are not Asian websites but this proves that the same company has several websites and they are all using the same platform or simply duplicating their success from one country to another. therefore is a reputable company that offers the best platform where you can meet people online in Canada and specially in Vancouver where there is a strong community of asian there. ( interesting fact to read) It has the features that give you a very big leverage to meet someone very early as fast as possible. Most people do not want to come online because they think is scary but the tides of meeting people has now changed, if you don’t meet people online, where do you want to meet them? Lol this is internet age and even a toddler now has a profile online. If you really want to meet someone online, you had better put away your fears and let’s see what you can achieve with

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How Safe and Secure is

Asia is the largest continent in the world with over four billion population! It is four times bigger than Africa and six times bigger in population than the combination of all Europe and Russia! What this tells us is that there are millions of people from every part of Asia who wants and desire to meet someone out there. Therefore there are countless people that are not accountable for and there is no way you can really stop the flow of their traffic from one website to another. Within this huge population is a probability that one out of one hundred people is not just online to date somebody but with a second intention of doing something wrong. Therefore we need a very strong website with very god security to stop this kind of people. To be quite honest, this is a very huge task but is using a WEB2 technology which will really go a long way to help in curbing out criminals, scammers and people who are online with a very wrong intention.


Here are the prices for a subscription to


  • $24.99 a month for one month
  • $49.99 a month for 3 months
  • $79.99 a month for 6 months



What is the safety Measures put in Place?

They use a manual approval of profiles of every user; this means it takes like two days before they can approve your profile. You can register and start surfing and checking other people’s profiles but people won’t be able to check your own profile until you are finally verified. This is to make sure that everyone on the website is real and they are safe. Moreover, there is an email verification process which is used to avoid spam emails. Maybe you have received some dubious emails before who will tell you that you have just won some millions of dollars from a dead distant cousin and you should contact a bank in Africa to send you the money. These mails are stopped from getting into your email by making sure that has a Filtering process of and privacy policy never to reveal their users email to any search engine or any third party.


What are the Safety Tips you should know?

There are some important safety tips you should know about which will help you. Firstly, try to make sure that you know a lot very much about anyone you meet from before agreeing to meet in person. Make sure you get the person’s full names, home address, office address, and telephone numbers and make sure you verify them. Moreover, try as much as possible to get the person’s relatives phone numbers and house address. This is a very important tip that you cannot find anywhere except on Finally, it’s very important that you tell your own friends or relations before going on a date with someone. is not only giving you all this tips for the use on their site but to also help you as a guide and experience on any other website. Be very careful about discussing your financial status with anyone without knowing them very well, its rather even better that you should pretend. All this tips makes safe to use and safe you. Finally, do not send cash to anyone you have never met before and make sure that you are meeting in a big public place on your first day of meeting. You can repeat meeting up in the public place until you are very satisfied. The last important thing that makes more safer than any other site is that you can contact them to report any member of the website for bad behavior or anything that looks suspicious and you will be helped out immediately.

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