How to Fail at Online Dating

How to Fail at Online Dating

That’s right. You read correctly. The title of the article is How to Fail at Online Dating.

First, take dating advice from your friend’s cousin about what service to use. She met her boyfriend online and she seems happy. Therefore, it’s probably the best service out there (the fact that she’s ten years older than you and lives in another city is irrelevant).

And since you’re a little embarrassed about the online dating thing and don’t want anyone you know finding out that you’re doing it, don’t post a picture. There’s really no need. Guys will read your profile. You’re sure to get attention because you sound like such a great woman.

And in your profile, be sure to mention that you just got out of an emotionally draining relationship and you’re not sure you’re ready to get into a new relationship. That you’re going to need to take things very slowly. Guys love that.

Alright, enough of me being a smartass.

These represent the three types mistakes that women make as they approach online dating. Let’s break them down:

You must consider location/demographics when looking into which service to use. might have hundreds of possible matches for women looking for guys in their 20s in the Boston area but only a dozen options for women looking for guys in their 40s living in southern Iowa. Maybe the women in Iowa would have better luck on Eharmony or Plenty of Fish or Chemistry (I’m making this data up, btw. I have no idea how many guys are registered with in Iowa).

My point is, before you invest in any service, either with your time or money, do a thorough search of the available men in your area. Find out how big the pool is.

You MUST post a picture and it must be a good one (more about how to pick a picture in my next post). Otherwise don’t waste your time. Seriously.

Do not write anything about your past relationships in your profile. Guys don’t want to read about your baggage. Keep it light.  Be positive.

Online dating is not hard. Really it’s not. Thousands of people do it successfully every day.

There are no guarantees, but I promise that if you follow these simple dating tips, you’ll have a much better chance of success.

Why Women Like Bad Boys

Why Women Like Bad Boys

 Did you ever wonder why women seem to like bad boys? You know those guys that you wouldn’t think a woman would ever like? There are a number of reasons why girls seem to go for these types of guys. Here are a few of the reasons why girls like these guys.

Sense of Adventure

A woman might just want some adventure in her life. The thrill of riding off with some guy on a motorbike or dating a guy that travels the road with a band is an incredible turn-on for women. It’s not so much the guy that she is interested in it’s the thought of getting out of her dull life and seeing the world with someone different. Women like bad boys because they bring them a sense of adventure to her life that has been missing.

Someone Different

A bad boy is someone completely different and a woman might just like to explore another side of her personality she is looking for someone that can bring her something that is a cut above the ordinary way of doing things. She might want only do this once or twice in her life as a way to cut lose and forget about her regular life. The bad boy provides a woman with a chance to explore another side of who she is as a woman.

Sexual Thrills

why women prefer bad boyA bad boy is usually someone who is seen by a woman to be sexually thrilling. She sees the bad boy as someone who might provide her with more sexual adventures than a normal guy might bring her. She wants to find sexual pleasure in her life and she sees the naughty bad boy as the guy to bring her this. Women see the bad boy as the ultimate thrill the can seek in their life when it comes to sex. The idea of being with a bad boy might be purely sexual and she might not want to settle down or even marry one.

A Bad Boy Says What He Wants

A bad boy doesn’t usually go along with authority and he’s more outspoken. He is more likely to stand up for himself when comforted by people. A woman might see the bad boy as security for her in the world. She sees the bad boy as the rough and tumble hero she has been looking for. She sees the bad boy as her knight and warrior.

Finding the Bad Boy

If you’re looking for a bad boy yourself you might want to try online dating sites. There are tons of guys out the relooking for a woman just like you and many of them are of the bad boy type. You can put up an image of yourself and a good description and find that bad boy you have always been looking for. These dating sites online are one of the best ways to find people who are different and unique just like the bad boy.

Finding Rich Men Online

Finding Rich Men Online

Are you a single hard working woman in need of a change in your life? There arе many men out there you could date but a lot are not capable of support you when it comes to finances. Finding a rich man to date is something that many women dream of and this is very possible thanks to many online dating sites. Here’s how to go about it.

Review Dating Sites

Before you sign up you’ll want to read reviews of the best online dating sites to find ones that work for you. You’ll find tons of sites out there but some are a lot better than others. Make sure you read through the reviews and ask people who might have used the site before what they thought of it. You can do this by visiting dating forums and just finding out people’s impressions of the site.  You need to do this because you don’t want to join a poor dating site and waste your time when looking for a man.

Good Image

If you join an online site to date make sure you have an up to date image of yourself.  You need this to attract the rich man that you’re looking for. Make sure your profile is filled out as completely as possible. Don’t join these sites without an image as this won’t get you many responses and dates.

Answer All Your Messages

Make sure you answer all your messages because you never know who might be sending them to you. There could be a rich man behind all those messages. There are also ways to filter out who sends you messages so you should use as many filters as you feel is necessary to meet up with the type of person you’re looking for.

Do Compatibility Tests

To further filter out the types of people that can contact you should sue the compatibility tests that many online dating sites offer. This can help you meet people that match closely with your specifications and it can save you a lot of time. If you’re a busy person you only want to meet people that you match up well with so take the compatibility tests to increase your chances of meeting the right person on these dating sites.

Join Rich Only Dating Sites

There are some dating sites that allow just rich men to join but allow any woman to join. This is ideal for you if you’re looking for a rich man. These sites raise the chances that you’ll find someone with a great deal of money so you should also join these types of sites.

Be Yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t on a dating site. Rich men are looking for the same thing you are but they don’t want to play games as they just don’t have the time in their lives for that. Be a genuine and honest person on these dating sites and you’ll find the person you seek. This is the best pieces of dating advice anyone can give you. Love is out there and you can find it through online dating sites.