With increasing demand to this modern type of digital dating comes the increase of online dating services that promises to deliver satisfactory dating experience through providing seamless navigation online. One of this existing promising dating platform which helps thousands of singles from Edmonton to meet their match is EdmontonHookup.ca, one of the leading adult dating services.

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Adult will never be left behind with this online dating website, all the benefits experienced by youngsters in this current generation from digital dating are all offered here. From wide ranging features to eliminate boredom and maximize experience of dealing with great number of other adult singles to safety and security as well as the number of singles whom they can chat, flirt of mingle with are all noticeable here.


EdmontonHookup.ca offers variety of features to make the most out of dating. Among the features included is quick search, which allows members to easily find and connect with other singles according to their preferences such as searching by sex, age, username, country, or zip code. The search is further made easy with the advance search, allowing users to specify criteria and interest to find exactly what they are looking for.

There are also features which enable users to limit individuals who are more likely to talk to and eliminate those that don’t fit in their preferences. Users are given freedom to choose the persons whom they really like and those that they don’t.

Apart from that are the chat, mail, and other additional communication tool. This features are specifically made to deliver seamless communication between the user and other members. Chat has additional unique feature called “chat later” which allows users to store their chat request in chat history to avoid disruption while browsing.

To entice excitement, there is also an additional Flirt feature for individuals who are feeling quite flirtatious. Through this, users can view the top flirts or the most interesting member and choose member to flirt with.

Cost of membership

  • $29.99  for one month
  • $59.99 for three months
  • $99.99 for six months


Members can also expect maximum security from hiding their real identity, such as name, address, etc. to securing their personal data. The website itself abides to the data protection act regulated by DPA which protects personal data and fundamental rights of individual whom data are being processed. Moreover, communications between members are guarantee secured, private and not moderated.

EdmontonHookup.ca also provides users with valuable tips in terms of security and any other essential things. Through this tips, individuals who have been a newbie in the online dating biz can have some insights how to secure themselves. There are also tips on how to make each users online dating much effective. Further queries can also be instantly answered by their FAQ.

The success of online dating somehow relies on the effectiveness of the used platform, features included and maximum protection. EdmontonHookup.ca somehow shows that they possess what site like these users are mostly looking for. With thousands of members (mostly adults) around the Edmonton city, you surely will find someone who will catch your interest.

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