How to Fail at Online Dating

How to Fail at Online Dating

That’s right. You read correctly. The title of the article is How to Fail at Online Dating.

First, take dating advice from your friend’s cousin about what service to use. She met her boyfriend online and she seems happy. Therefore, it’s probably the best service out there (the fact that she’s ten years older than you and lives in another city is irrelevant).

And since you’re a little embarrassed about the online dating thing and don’t want anyone you know finding out that you’re doing it, don’t post a picture. There’s really no need. Guys will read your profile. You’re sure to get attention because you sound like such a great woman.

And in your profile, be sure to mention that you just got out of an emotionally draining relationship and you’re not sure you’re ready to get into a new relationship. That you’re going to need to take things very slowly. Guys love that.

Alright, enough of me being a smartass.

These represent the three types mistakes that women make as they approach online dating. Let’s break them down:

You must consider location/demographics when looking into which service to use. might have hundreds of possible matches for women looking for guys in their 20s in the Boston area but only a dozen options for women looking for guys in their 40s living in southern Iowa. Maybe the women in Iowa would have better luck on Eharmony or Plenty of Fish or Chemistry (I’m making this data up, btw. I have no idea how many guys are registered with in Iowa).

My point is, before you invest in any service, either with your time or money, do a thorough search of the available men in your area. Find out how big the pool is.

You MUST post a picture and it must be a good one (more about how to pick a picture in my next post). Otherwise don’t waste your time. Seriously.

Do not write anything about your past relationships in your profile. Guys don’t want to read about your baggage. Keep it light.  Be positive.

Online dating is not hard. Really it’s not. Thousands of people do it successfully every day.

There are no guarantees, but I promise that if you follow these simple dating tips, you’ll have a much better chance of success.

Get Yourself a Fast Date with [Review]

Get Yourself a Fast Date with [Review]

Pre-Dating is one of the largest speed dating service focused on single professionals and is a fun and efficient way to meet new people. You’ll meet up to a dozen other single professionals face-to-face in your age and interest group through a series of six minute “Pre-Dates” at a local club, café, or restaurant.

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Some singles do not want to wait in finding a date. Therefore, we have made the great effort in taking the fast date with you. The dating site assures finding a date could not be a difficult one because everything is set according to your standards. Any client who wants to have the ideal date of their life would not be disappointed by the offers given to them. You are set for the perfect date.

Visiting is a worthy experience. You not only have a chance to meet your date in person but also a convenient process upon registration. The online process would assure you have the edge in becoming a member. In following the easy and simple steps, having your dream date is one-step closer to success. The company guarantees a membership fee you can truly afford. There are no hidden charges in this one.

A Variety of Monthly Events

Any busy single of professional would have a chance to attend in an amazing jam packed of events in over 70 countries in the United States and Canada. You would have a great opportunity to meet someone the same as your age and have some quality dating time you will never forget.


No Further Dating Assistance is offered

Yes, you are given a chance to meet your date when you visit However, after the event you are on your own. You might have the right ideas but it would still take a lot of effort to make another connection with your previous dates. This could be risky on your part but you have to take chances. The dating site does not offer you more dating ideas.


The Selection Might Not Match your Taste has much selection of dates for clients. However, not all clients might like the dates at all. The dating site should consider the specific preference of the client. In this case, the client would look for other alternatives to make things suit his or her preference.

Not sure about speed dating? You may want to read this: Why You Should Try Speed Dating

However, the is still an excellent dating to match your preference. You will surely enjoy the service provided by the dating site together with the assurance of having the best dating experience of a lifetime. Thus, why not visit Pre-dating now and see the big difference it would make.

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Friend of a Friend Making Things Easy for You on Your First Date

Friend of a Friend Making Things Easy for You on Your First Date

Finding the perfect match could be difficult at times. You would have many questions on the things you want your match to be like. Do not worry because Friend of Friend is here to give you excellent matchmaking service you need. Searching for the perfect match would not be difficult any more. Here at you will have no problem in selecting the match you want.

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Easy Member Registration

Friend of Friend offers an easy registration. Just by going online and filling out the form, you can now enjoy the matchmaking services they have. The reliable team of the site would do the best they can in making sure the registration process is easy and convenient for you.

Fast and Trusted Matchmaking Services  

With the digitally delivered love survey and interview,, gives you an amazing experience in communicating with your potential match by email. The staff would give you the right and accurate information you desire. You can handle the preparation for a possible date if you feel like doing it.

Affordable Membership Fee

Friend of Friend does not want you to have a tight budget, so it gives you an affordable membership fee to give you a chance to enjoy your matchmaking needs. The company makes a move to give you the best matchmaking ideas to arrive on a possible date. You would not worry about the matchmaking platform because would give it to you.


Limited places of Service  

Friend of Friend only offers matchmaking services at Hamilton, Burlington and Toronto. If you are not within these cities, you could not sign up to avail the services you want to have. The membership registration could not be possible. If you are far from the mentioned cities, the Friend of Friend could not help you with the registration.

You are On Your Own when it comes with Your Date only caters matchmaking procedures. If you want to take it to the next level, then you will have to set your plans. The matchmaking is great. However, the site does not provide you better assistance in terms of the right plan you are going to take. These could be a difficult one for you. It would be a lot easier if the matchmaking service could go on in the manner of having a date.

Overall, finding the perfect match is easy at you want to know more about the person you plan to date, then visiting the website is the best choice. It would give a great experience not only in selecting the match of your dreams but also with knowing the personality of the person.

The matchmaking process is easy and convenient to use. The site makes sure you will not have a problem in making a progress with the desired match you want. Thus, taking a visit on the website would surely change your life. You not only have the best match up but also the successful result in making an amazing date experience.

Visit site Review – Your Sure way to Find Your Match Review – Your Sure way to Find Your Match

For so many years, you might have stayed single. You spend most of your time in working that you almost forgot that you need to take a break and have some time for love. Dating may not be important for you as of now but come on, you should keep that heart alive for some love. Finding an ideal date through a matchmaking agency like can be a lot easier. They have been reinventing a more distinct and fun way to help you find your match.

Men and women who are quite busy with their careers leaving them a little room going on a date but with the help of, there will be new love saga for everyone. This matchmaking site provides you expert matchmakers that can give a more exciting way to find your date or maybe your lifetime partner. Now, finding your match just got easier, more unique and fascinating.

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Through online screening, you can simply enjoy every piece of details for this does not require you a large amount of time. And, there is no need for pressure in making a good impression on your first date, just be yourself. By simply filling out the questionnaire from reviewing the matches, establishing a contact information and engaging to different testimonials for real chemistry, you can have now your date. But, before anything else, you have to be aware of the site’s pros and cons.

PRO: With Track Record of Success

Most of the clients of have been satisfied with their dating and matchmaking services. They have successfully matched hundreds of couples who are now living their happy life in the vibrant city of Toronto. You simply have to trust the site that they can give you what you need for they have the expertise and experience in changing your life

PRO: More Enjoying Dating Experience

If you do not want to end up with a disappointing dating experience, you will need the help of this matchmaking agency. Forget the traditional ways in finding a date, it now the perfect time for you to explore new things. This site will provide you a unique way to spice up your dating experience making you enjoy every single moment.

PRO: Very Hands On will not simply find you a match but, they are quite passionate in ensuring that you will have a successful dating experience and discover more significant ways to explore Canada together with your date. You will undergone with their personal consultation where you will be able to meet their dating mentor, life and wellness coach and image consultant to ensure the development of your personal profile.

PRO: A Confidence Booster

Their matchmaking services can greatly help your improve your self-confidence where before you will go on your first, they see to it that you are quite ready. Also, they can help you cast away your fear for rejection.

CON: No 100% Assurance

No matter how you have been perfectly match by, you long lasting relationship will depend to the two of you. They can only guarantee an efficient pre-screening that will suit your individual preferences.

With, there is a sure way is a sure way for you to find a perfect date or a lifetime match. But, no matter how talented they are, the ending of your story will still depend on you.

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Shanny In The City – The Best Solutions To Attain Your Relationship Goals

Shanny In The City – The Best Solutions To Attain Your Relationship Goals

In today’s digital generation, technology already plays a significant part in the daily lifestyle of the millions of people all over the world. Furthermore, online media is the most sought after form of technology that most people used today. It was used in many ways. The good thing about it is that it can also be used to find your love partner that you can spend with for the rest of your life. There are many dating sites that are toughly competing with each other in the market. With this, you must make a wise decision in choosing the best one that suits to your needs.

To mention one, is among the leading and well reputable dating and matchmaking sites based in Toronto. If you want to expect affirmative results for your love goals, the latter dating site is the best one for you. To further convince you with their services, the following are some of their valuable qualities.

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Advantages of

  • Boost your confidence and establish new connections. Once you choose the your partner for your love search, you can have the chance to meet people of all ages having various walks of life. The good thing about it is that you can also have the opportunity to meet new people living in Toronto area.
  • Find a love partner that highly matches to your personality offers the best matchmaking service that can help you to meet your Mr. or Ms. Right. They have the list of people with the same interests, goal and personality as you.
  • Provides efficient life skills coaching. When you prefer to choose the services of the latter dating and matchmaking site, you will also experience a quality of life, since they have an extraordinary program that will focus on your goals that lead towards your personal development. In return, you can now feel good and look good while looking for your special someone.

Disadvantages of

  • Confusing form of attraction. Since you are interacting more with the person through online process, then it is quite confusing for you if you are really attracted to that person or not. There are some instances where you can feel alone, and then talking to that someone can be your efficient way to comfort yourself. With this, you realize that you just need someone to talk to.
  • Distance is a hindrance towards a good relationship. When you starting to meet new connections on, it is natural that you can meet people that live in a far off place than your location. With this, chances are, you can develop a long distance relationship which is really a difficult and challenging aspect if you are already committed to each other.
  • Can meet connections that have different personalities. With all of the men and women that you can meet online, for sure you can accompany with the wrong people. With this, your love search cannot be as effective as you expect to be., a valuable partner to experience quality life

With the excellent services of, you can expect to meet the right person for you and at the same time, you can also enjoy a great quality of your life.

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