The Signs that Point to Love at First Sight Online

The Signs that Point to Love at First Sight Online

he Internet has become so pervasive and influential these days that most of us use the medium even for the most mundane of purposes.  One of the most common reasons is our hopeful search for the ideal romantic partner.  Because of this, online dating websites have sprung up to cater to the ever-increasing and –continuing demand by lovelorn individuals and those who are (more or less) desperately looking for that special someone whom they can call their own.  Oftentimes, those who participate in these dating websites aim to experience that high ideal that is the “love at first sight” phenomenon that romantics usually subscribe and dream about, and for this end they spend their time and energy in trying to look for the ready signs that they, at long last, had found what they were searching for.

As an archetype, love at first sight cannot be exactly determined or appraised both in the real world and in these digital realms  We can, however, see the ready indications that two participants in a dating site had finally landed “the big one.”  These two indications will be discussed in more detail as we go along with the rest of this article.


The first indication that you have found love at first sight is that innate feeling or recognition that you get when you meet that special someone.  This can be triggered in a number of ways; for example, you may find the other person to be highly attractive, or you may find her character to be appealing and quite likeable.  It would be better if you potential partner would feel the same about you; both of you would then form an instantaneous bond that you can nurture and enhance.  This is the stated aim of a good site that often tries to fulfill the dreams of their members to finally find suitable partners whom they would like to be with.


The second indication is an immediate consequence of the first and it calls for more rationalization.  You should only consider someone to be a true love at first sight if you go beyond that intrinsic recognition and consider how that person can really be your true love.  This second indication, in other words, requires us to confirm whether that someone is indeed the one we were looking for.  And this confirmation should come from rational thinking:  What do I find attractive in her?  Why am I so taken by her?  Could it be that I’m only smitten by her looks, or is there more to her that I find appealing?  If you answer all of these questions in a positive way, then you have really found that special person.  Better yet, if that special person considers you also to be special, then consider yourself a lucky guy.

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One thing to remember about the second consideration is that its outcome can vary a little with regards to your age.  If you’re still a teenager or a twenty something, chances are that you only participate on these social services just to land a willing partner whom you can have physical contact with.  You usually look at someone’s physical characteristics and not much else.  You follow dating tips but you don’t aim for long-term engagements, just short-term affairs where you can fulfill your basic needs at intimacy and affection.  But as you grow older to middle age and beyond (assuming that you are still single and unmarried), you now look for potential partners who might lack in physical appearance but have personal traits and attributes that you find attractive.  You are now aiming for a relationship that can stand the test of time, something that can see you through your old age.


If you’re looking for love at first sight in the Internet, then you should consider these two indications.  Keep them in mind and you will soon find what you’re searching for.


Best Questions to Ask Men Online

Best Questions to Ask Men Online

nce you have finished creating profiles and found a potential suitor, how do you decide if he is the one for you? There are certain questions you should ask potential partners in order to better understand them. This will allow you to evaluate if they are the one for you or if you are just wasting your time. Online dating services have endless possibilities; therefore it is pointless to waste your time with the wrong person if your answers are only a few questions away.

By asking pointed unique questions you can get answers that have straight forward meanings. Be sure to ask your prospective love interest what about you made them interested in pursuing a relationship? This question will enable you to see if your guy is sincere or just trying to feed you a line. Someone worth pursuing a relationship with will take the time to give a thoughtful answer that will reassure you in your choice. Not everyone on these platform is worth your time and this question will help you weed out the losers.


good question to ask on a dateIt is also important to ask men that you meet on sites broad financial questions that will give insight. Many relationships have problems that are related to finances and spending; therefore it is important to understand the spending habits of potential partners. By asking what their most recent large purchase was, you can casually get information that will help you make an informed decision. You can even give your own answer to the question to make it easier on your date. It is important to find someone that has the same spending habits and taste. This will save you future headaches and potential relationship disaster. These online services will match you with someone that has potential, but you must ask the questions that will help you make your decision.


Lastly, you want to ask your guy about relationships in general. You can ask what his goals are for a relationship and how he makes them possible. This will enable you to see his level of commitment and what he values in a relationship. You will be able to compare your answers and see if you are compatible on a deeper level. If you have major differences, then you might consider moving on right away. All these love services give you a starting point, but you must ask the questions that shed light on your potential relationship.


How to Recognize Fake Profiles

How to Recognize Fake Profiles

They are like the proverbial rotten and worm-infested misfits that try to mingle in a basketful of fine apples.  Fake accounts and profiles can be the bane of those who innocently take part in online dating sites; unfortunately, they seem to proliferate even more as more Internet-based dating sites continue to be set up to meet with increasing demand.  The best online dating sites often remind their members and users to be wary of these fabricated accounts, the better for them to avoid these profiles altogether.  But why is it that fake personal profiles do exist in a dating site anyway, and how can you recognize and evade them?  Read on so that you might learn more.

Before we learn how to identify bogus member accounts in online dating sites, we should first determine what causes them to appear in the first place.  Fictitious online dating accounts first appeared on newly-established or lesser-known dating websites that would enable them to effectively compete with top dating sites.  These newer and smaller sites often do not have enough financial resources or advertising that would enable them to go toe-to-toe with the big names in the industry.
fake profilAs such, some of these websites have gone so far as to concoct profiles that artificially add to their membership base, in the process making them appear to be successful and popular.  When it does attract real members, it takes down these fake profiles like they have never existed in the first place.  One of the most established and best dating sites,, has even come up with a phrase that aptly describes this fraudulent activity – “seeding and weeding.”  There even some unscrupulous dating websites that use computer software that plant “bots” or artificial users into their account databases.  The practice has gone over to popular social media networking websites like MySpace and Facebook, so it is crucial that you identify them as soon as you encounter them.

Here, now, are the ways in which you can distinguish fake profiles and dating accounts:

1)    Know the site’s reputation

Determine first whether the dating website that you are using is one of those listed among the best online dating sites or is one of those newly-established and less-visited ones.  Fraudulent accounts and profiles abound in any dating website, but they tend to occur more in smaller and lesser-known web personal sites.  We must emphasize, however, that not all contemporary and small-scale dating websites work this way, but you do need to be more discerning every time you use them.

2)    Look out for personal profiles that look too perfect or appear to be unbelievably true

Consider this to be one of those important online dating tips that you should always keep in mind whenever you do your searching in a personals site.  More often than not, the possibility of you getting that ideal hunk or rich guy for a date is a lot lower compared to you meeting up with one of the hundreds or even thousands of average-looking men who had put up their accounts in the website.  Thus, in a bona fide site, you can only expect to find few such accounts depicting these special kinds of men.  However, if you do see that there is an inordinate amount of profiles that depict good-looking and wealthy men who lead inexplicably easy and lavish lives, take them all with a grain of salt.  Better yet, shun these profiles altogether, because it is highly probable that they are but mere products of one’s imagination.

3)    Scrutinize the profile’s posted photos

This method is somewhat similar to the second one, but in this case you do need to carefully check if the person who is depicted on the photograph appears to be too perfect or too beautiful.  Chances are there would be those who do indeed possess the looks and composure of a model, but sadly there are only few of those who truly have them.  However, if you see in a dating site that there appears to be a plethora of handsome guys and sexy ladies that populate its membership rolls, then better be warned about the possibility that they are merely fakes and nothing much else.

4)    Watch out for member profiles that are actually fronts for product or service advertisements

Let’s say you have chanced upon this unbelievably fit and good-looking man in one of those lesser-known dating sites.  You seem to like him at first, until you get to read his overall profile; it finally dawns on you that the man only seemed to discuss about what kind of weight-loss product or health supplement he used to achieve the great body that he now has.  His whole membership profile, in short, is just an advertisement in disguise.  What makes this worse is the fact that the advertised product or service would often turn out to be a sham or is basically ineffective.  Unfortunately, this type of profile is also used on some social networking websites, so spare yourself a favor and try to stay away from it.

5)    Pay attention to profiles that are accompanied by inexplicable provisos

Sometimes, these fake dating accounts have conditions that are tied to them; this is because the “account holder” would like you to fulfill these conditions first before he can get to communicate or meet up with you.  The terms can either range from having you visit this member’s site first where you will then be accosted by product ads or service promos), to open attempts at extortion or personal fraud.  When you encounter these kinds of fake profiles, the only effective dating advice that you can employ would be to completely shun these accounts; also, never, in any instance, willingly give away your personal data to other people that you have not met yet.

Fake accounts and profiles do exist in dating sites, but you can be better off without them.  This is one of those dating tips that would prove to be invaluable to you every time you participate in an Internet-based personals site.


Why Women Like Bad Boys

Why Women Like Bad Boys

 Did you ever wonder why women seem to like bad boys? You know those guys that you wouldn’t think a woman would ever like? There are a number of reasons why girls seem to go for these types of guys. Here are a few of the reasons why girls like these guys.

Sense of Adventure

A woman might just want some adventure in her life. The thrill of riding off with some guy on a motorbike or dating a guy that travels the road with a band is an incredible turn-on for women. It’s not so much the guy that she is interested in it’s the thought of getting out of her dull life and seeing the world with someone different. Women like bad boys because they bring them a sense of adventure to her life that has been missing.

Someone Different

A bad boy is someone completely different and a woman might just like to explore another side of her personality she is looking for someone that can bring her something that is a cut above the ordinary way of doing things. She might want only do this once or twice in her life as a way to cut lose and forget about her regular life. The bad boy provides a woman with a chance to explore another side of who she is as a woman.

Sexual Thrills

why women prefer bad boyA bad boy is usually someone who is seen by a woman to be sexually thrilling. She sees the bad boy as someone who might provide her with more sexual adventures than a normal guy might bring her. She wants to find sexual pleasure in her life and she sees the naughty bad boy as the guy to bring her this. Women see the bad boy as the ultimate thrill the can seek in their life when it comes to sex. The idea of being with a bad boy might be purely sexual and she might not want to settle down or even marry one.

A Bad Boy Says What He Wants

A bad boy doesn’t usually go along with authority and he’s more outspoken. He is more likely to stand up for himself when comforted by people. A woman might see the bad boy as security for her in the world. She sees the bad boy as the rough and tumble hero she has been looking for. She sees the bad boy as her knight and warrior.

Finding the Bad Boy

If you’re looking for a bad boy yourself you might want to try online dating sites. There are tons of guys out the relooking for a woman just like you and many of them are of the bad boy type. You can put up an image of yourself and a good description and find that bad boy you have always been looking for. These dating sites online are one of the best ways to find people who are different and unique just like the bad boy.