About us

Dating-sites-canada.ca was created by a team of creative people who wanted to give an honest help to other singles people who are looking for new friendships, serious relationship or even love through dating websites. We’ve noticed that they are tons of reviewing dating site online, some are excellent, some are ok and some some were made to served them only trying to make profit out of shallow or even fake reviews. We invite people who has try a particular dating site to give their opinion and vote on their the quality of the services they offer. If you are among the lucky ones who has found love through a dating website, please send us your story and we will be please to add it on our website.

Dating-sites-canada.ca want also to provided readers various information like ie. dating reviews, dating tips, a selection of romantic music, love poems & letters and everything else related about love!

If you’re looking for new friends, a serious relation or whatever you’re looking for in dating website, we believe that the dating website are quick and efficient way to sift through the mass of people to find the perfect match for you.

We’re not disrupting an existing market. We’re creating a new one.